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Porur Kundrathur Vijayam Mahanagar (now called P.K.V. Mahanagar) with two lay out (Phase I and II) comprising of residential plots (1219), land for parks/play ground (6), public purpose plots, community hall, shops and Schools, encompassing an area of 115 acres were developed in 2004 by the South Chennai Co-operative Housing Society Limited (hereinafter, it will be referred to as the ‘Society’) through Lion Dr. R.P. Darrmalingam, Promoter of the lay-out.

2 Approval for Phase I lay-out:

Phase I lay-out was approved by the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority in 2004 (PPD LO No.14/2004 - Letter No.L1/158/2004, dated 16-2-2004) and by the Kundrathur Town Panchayat (Letter D.Dis.No.183/2003, dated 2-4-2004). Plots under this lay-out were sold by the Society in 2004. The plots reserved for public purposes were also sold by the Society though they were supposed to be reserved for one year.

3 Approval of Phase II lay out:

(a) Approval for Phase II lay-out was granted by the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority in 2004 (PPD LO No.105/2004 – Letter No.L1/24689/2004, dated 1-9-2004). But, the Society could not obtain approval of the Kundrathur Town Panchayat for this lay-out. Pending approval by the Kundrathur Town Panchayat, the Society has sold the plots of this lay-out, including the plots reserved for public purposes. Owners of the plots in Phase II will not find such an approval number in the lay-out sketch attached to the sale deed.

(b) How was the approval obtained for Phase II lay out: The Porur Kundrathur Vijayam Mahanagar Plot Owners’ Association, which was registered in December 2007, approached the Kundrathur Town Panchayat and saw a communication from the Panchayat to the Society which required the Society to develop tar roads in the lay-out as a pre-condition to approval of the lay-out. The Association took up the issue with the Society to which the Society replied that the estimate for developing tar roads in Phase II worked out to more than Rs.3.5 crores and they expressed their helplessness to comply with such a directive of the Panchayat as they had no financial provision to lay tar roads in Phase II lay-out. On appeal and persistent follow up by the Association, the Kundrathur Town Panchayat granted approval (Letter D.Dis. No.183/2003, dated 7-12-2007) for the Phase II lay-out. The Association had to incur huge expense towards obtaining approval of the Kundrathur Panchayat for this approval and collected/continue to collect one time payment of Rs.250 per Member/plot in Phase II (as and when plot owners become Members of the Association) as development charge besides the development charge mentioned under paragraph (c) (i) below. The Association has issued attested copies of this approved lay-out to the Members of our Association.

4 Physical appearance of the plots in 2007 vs. in 2015:

In 2007, P.K.V. Mahanagar looked like a jungle with grown up thorny bushes. Illicit liquor sales and consumption were going on. With limited membership and development charges received from the Members in 2007, our Association cleared all the thorny bushes in 2007. Each Member was to contribute one time payment of Rs.500 per plot towards development charges to meet this initial expense. This one time payment was collected from the plot owners of Phase I and Phase II and continues to be collected as and when the plot owners become Members. The Association continue to clear thorny bushes from the roads and from the plots in Phase I and II. On an average, the Association is spending Rs.1 Lakh every year to keep the plots in presentable condition.

5 Approach to P.K.V. Mahanagar:

Members could not enter into P.K.V. Mahanagar until 2011 as Mr. Narayanan, who owns the nearby farm, blocked the approach road at the entrance after the culvert claiming ownership of the road portion of the land. To compensate the alleged ownership of the road portion of the land, the Association arranged to compensate him with two grounds of land in a prime area and got the road portion registered in the name of the Association. Association had spent huge amount to solve this issue.

6 Condition of the approach road:

One local ex. Councilor of the Kundrathur Town Panchayat was using our approach road to download the drainage through his lorry into the river which used to spoil our approach road. We have controlled this to some extent now and with the assistance of Mahilam Enclave, the approach road has been made road-worthy.

7 Electricity supply to P.K.V. Mahanagar:

When the construction of the first house in P.K.V. Mahanagar was commenced in 2004, objection was raised by Mr. Prabhu against laying electricity line through the road just before reaching the plots in Phase I. In view of this objection, EB line was laid to our Nagar diverting the route. The person who raised objection was kept in proper perspective by the Promoter Dr. Darrmalingam and, hence, he has not been raising objection for the movement of men and vehicles into our Nagar.

8 Bridge to connect the P.K.V. Mahanagar and Tambaram-Maduravoyal Bye-pass Road:

(i) What we saw in 2004: Mahilam Enclave, who had developed residential lay-out in between the P.K.V. Mahanagar and the river, erected a bridge across the river before 2004 to get connectivity to Tambaram-Maduravoyal Bye-pass road. Quite unfortunate it could have been, there was no official approval for erecting this bridge. The Society had shown the entry to the P.K.V.Mahanagar lay out to most of the Members and non-Members in 2004 through this bridge. In 2009, the D.M.K. Government was in power. It demolished the bridge in 2009 on a fateful Saturday giving the reason of , alleged blocking of river water flow as complained by some general public. The Association could not stop the demolition as the Government did perfect planning and execution of the demolition on a Saturday.

(ii) New bridge construction: The Kundrathur Town Panchayat passed a resolution recommending erection of a a bridge across the river to connect our P.K.V. Mahanagar with the bye-pass road and it is pending consideration with the Government.

9 Signage:

(i) Signage for our Nagar: We have obtained the approval of the Kundrathur Town Panchayat to name the approach road as P.K.V. Mahanagar. We have also upgraded and boosted up the image of our Nagar by fixing high resolution identification sign boards printed with P.K.V. Mahanagar Main Road and welcome message from the Association at the entrance of the Thiruneermalai Main Road, first left thereafter and at the entrance of Phase I lay out.

(ii) Metallic lay-out boards with plot numbers and road name: Initially, we fixed two sign boards with painting on concrete structures. We have upgraded it this year with metallic steel structure sign boards with reflective and colourful lay out with plot numbers and road names. This is with a view to guide our Members to identify their plots, one at the entrance of Phase I lay out and another at the entrance of Phase II lay out (both, on the Fourth Main Road).

(iii) Identification stones with embossed plot numbers: We have laid identification stones with embossing of plot numbers in the plots of Members who paid the charges fixed. During the survey, we have corrected the wrong installations of the identification stones.

(iv) Signage for the roads: we have painted road numbers as directional signage in each road/Street.

(v) CAD drawing with road/street numbers: We have given CAD drawing with road/street numbers to the Members who attended the Annual General Body Meeting on 24-8-2014. This was done with a view to help the Members to locate and identify their plots very easily.

10 Survey/measurement of the plots:

Using the Surveyor and Village Administrative Officer, we have surveyed the plots of the Members of the Association. Certain plots on the boundary were encroached by neighbor-hood plot owners which were corrected. Certain adjustments of the boundary stones were made. However, near the area of the PP plots which is under a court case could not be surveyed where re-alignment of the road and consequential re-adjustment of the already laid boundary stones is inevitable. This area will be surveyed once the court case comes to an end. As a gesture of goodwill to loyal members without arrears, this survey was done without charging the Members. This service has reinforced the confidence of the Members towards the Association. It is, however, advisable to erect compound wall by the owners of the plots at the boundary level in order to avoid encroachment.

11 Plot for the Association:

We have bought Plot no.794 in Phase II of P.K.V. Mahanagar admeasuring 1,163 sq. ft. at a total cost of Rs.16,06,325 (including registration expense) and registered it in the name of the Association. Subject to approval in the Annual General Body Meeting, we are planning to erect compound wall and build an Office for the Association in this plot.

12 Membership in the Association:

Out of 1219 plots, only 923 plot owners have become Members of the Association. Some of the Members who own more than one plot has paid Membership enrolment fee, annual subscription and development charges for only one plot. We are of the fervent hope that all such non-members would realize the gain they made through the efforts of the Association and become Members. They have all along been enjoying (a) appreciation of plot value; (b) enjoy the approach road (c) bush-free plots; (d) enjoy the approval for Phase II lay out obtained from the Panchayat by the Association; (e) enjoy seeing their plots with the help of signage created by the Association in the Nagar. We are also of the firm view that all the Members will clear their dues to the Association.

13 Location of P.K.V. Mahanagar:

P.K.V. Mahanagar is located very closer to Chennai & Tambaram-Maduravoyal Bye-Pass Road and is situated between Murugan Temple and Thiruneermalai Temple. The P.K.V. Mahanagar is just 10 minutes drive from Kundrathur Bus-Terminus, 10 minutes drive from Tambaram; 10 minutes drive from Pallavaram and 5 minutes drive from the outer ring road. State Transport Bus Depot is coming up near the P.K.V. Mahanagar. Kundrathur-Thiruneermalai road is proposed to be widened as 100’ road. A few buses ply between Kundrathur and Tambaram via the main road from Murugan Temple via P.K.V. Mahanagar. The quality of road from Murugan Temple up to P.K.V. Mahanagar is smoother without any bump (excepting speed breakers in certain locations) bearing the quality equivalent to the Highway Roads in Tamil Nadu.

14. Developments in and around P.K.V. Mahanagar:

(i) House construction in P.K.V. Mahanagar: Two houses in P.K.V. Mahanagar, one each in Phase I and Phase II, have come up.

(ii) Amarprakash construction with more than 800 flats has sold majority of their flats.

(iii) A shop and a few commercial factories have come up near the approach roads.

(iv) Mehta Nagar and Manikandan Nagar, which are a few yards away from our Nagar, have developed much faster and the plot value has gone much higher

(v) New lay-out have come up near our Nagar.

(vi) Three phase electricity supply has come into P.K.V. Mahanagar, both in Phase I and II.

15 Problems in Phase II:

(i) PP Plots - PP I to PP XXXV under Phase II:(i) These plots are the part of the approved lay-out in Phase II. One local person by name Mr. Shankar has occupied around 12 plots & some road portion. He is doing cultivation. When we tried to clear him, he filed a case with the Magistrate’s Court at Sriperumbudur. Counter statements have been filed by all the affected Members and the Association is weighing different options to clear this impasse.

(ii) Plots adjoining the newly promoted Nagar adjoining P.K.V. Mahanagar:(ii) Private promoters of land have laid out Janaki Nagar and Ponnusamy Nagar adjoining Phase I and II. Members having land adjoining these lay-out are requested to be vigilant in order to save the land from encroachment. If any disturbance is noticed, Members are requested to inform the Association through a letter or by mail to secretary@porur-kundrathur-mahanagar-association.org.

16 Association’s contribution in development of the P.K.V. Mahanagar:

  • Obtained approval for the Phase II lay-out from the Kundrathur Town Panchayat.
  • Supplied approved drawing of Phase I and II to all the Members with attestation of a Gazetted Officer.
  • Supplied CAD based drawing with road number/street number for Phase I and II to all the Members who attended the Annual General Body Meeting on 24th August 2014.
  • Keeping the Nagar presentable by removing thorny bushes periodically.
  • Solved the approach road issue at the entrance near culvert.
  • Painted boundary stones with plot numbers (but, the numbers faded).
  • Hence, arranged for laying identification stones for plots.
  • Allayed the fear of diesel line affecting certain plots.
  • Solved attempts of encroachment.
  • Obtained permission of Panchayat to name after the main approach road as “P.K.V. Mahanagar Main Road”.
  • Fixed sign boards of City standards for identification of our Nagar and welcome message from the Association.
  • Erected metallic sign boards with lay-out, road numbers & plot numbers
  • Erected sign boards for Phase I and Phase II with road numbers, street number and plot numbers for easy identification.
  • Painted numbers of roads and plots in the Nagar.
  • Arranged for three-phase EB supply into our Nagar
  • Maintained approach roads in road-worthy condition.
  • Motivated Members to come up with house construction in the Nagar.
  • Upgraded the image of the Nagar and made steady in the market value of the plots.
  • Arranged for free survey of the entire lay-out.
  • Assisted Members in need to resolve the case filed by one local person.
  • Purchased a land for the Association.
  • Conducted Annual General Body Meetings in a professional way and assisting the participants with food and transportation to the Nagar.
17 Vision and goal of the Association in 2014-15:

  • Bridge across the river to connect connected with the service road of Tambaram-Maduravoyal Bye-pass road.
  • Connectivity to Mehta Nagar and Manikandan Nagar.
  • Motivate more Members to come up with individual house construction, joint ownership house constructions, etc.
  • Getting tar road laid through the Panchayat from the main road at least up to the places where constructions are coming up in our Nagar.
  • Exploring the possibility of having Security Guards for the Nagar.
  • Assisting in solving the problems with PP Plots in Phase II (details can be referred above)
  • To enroll 100% Membership of all the plot owners with the Association and receiving payment from them.
  • Obtain payments from Members who are in arrears.
18 Bank Account number of the Association:

   Type of Account  : Current Account
   Account Number : 35013292331
   Bank                  : State Bank of India,
                               No.207, Dr. A. Ramasami Salai,
                               K.K. Nagar, Chennai-78.
   Branch code       : 7625
   IFSCC Code       : SBIN0007625

Members/plot owners making payment to the Association are requested to make online payment and send an e mail communication to the e mail ID of the Association.


The Office Bearers of the Association is taking up Association’s work as a social cause with the sole motto of developing P.K.V. Mahanagar as a Township. But, it is possible only if:

  • All the plot owners become Members of the Association.
  • All Members pay the dues to the Association.
  • More Members come forward to build houses in the Nagar.
  • All the Members show interest in the development of the Nagar.
  • Each Member do not keep the plots with the sole idea of realizing higher sale price.
  • Members offer constructive and workable suggestions.


Think-through in terms of the gains you have made post purchase of the land, all through the efforts of the Association and contribution of the Members for the maintenance and development of the Nagar. Become Members without any further delay.


Kindly clear all your dues. Encourage and join with the Office Bearers of the Association in their efforts to develop P.K.V. Mahanagar as a model Township in Kundrathur.


17th August 2015

Annual Report
Click here to View/Download Annual Report 2017-18
Executive Committee Meeting:
The Executive Committee of the Association will be meeting every second Sunday at the residence of the Secretary at “Flat No.11, Satish Apartment, No.58/322, Alagirisami Salai, K.K. Nagar, Chennai-78”. Members wishing to take up any issues concerning their own plots or common issues or suggestions for development of the Nagar may meet the Executive Committee Members with prior intimation to the Secretary on Landline: 42616790 or Mobile: 9629888875 or by e mail secretary@porur-kundrathur-mahanagar-association.org
Annual General Body Meeting - 2014 was held on 23rd August 2015 at 10.30 a.m. in Sengunthar Kalyana Mandapam, Kundrathur.
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