1. The programme was started with "Tamil Thai Vazhthu" - recorded recital AT 11.00 A.M.

2. Welcome address was delivered by Mr. D. Krishnamurthy, Vice President inviting the EC Members and the Members for the AGM. He highlighted the need for the Members to come up with more house construction so that the area will get developed.

3. During his address, the President highlighted the following:

(a) There was an addition of 47 members during last year which made up the total membership to 923 in the Association.

(b) Requested Members to come forward with more house construction in the Nagar, which only can be the mantra for development of the Nagar. Further, we can also escape the attention of Government Authorities for land acquisition.

(c) Informed of the purchase of plot no.794 in Phase II for the Association with 1163 sq. ft. area and, subject to approval in the AGM, planning to build an Office for the Association which can also be used by the Members to store valuable materials when they start house construction in the Nagar.

(d) Informed that one person suggested through SMS that each Member can construct house for a minimum of 500 sq. ft. and the rest of the area inside the compound can be used for growing teak trees. Members agreed with the suggestion of making minimum construction; but, did not agree with the idea of growing teak trees as the root of the plants will damage the building.

(e) Requested the Members to clear their dues which will reduce the loan burden for Association building construction. However, follow-up will be made by the Committee Members for enrolling others into Membership.

(f) The bridge proposal is pending with the Government and will be followed up.

(g) Thorny bushes were removed twice this year and recently grown thorny bushes were removed to full extent of 70% in Phase II. It will be fully cleared within this week.

(h) Measurement of the plots of all the members were made with Surveyor and VAO and noticed encroachment in a few places which were cleared. However, regretted that survey in some of the plots were completed in advance than the time notified to the Members as more Surveyors were involved for completing the Survey faster; but, the survey was done in the presence of the EC Members. Requested Members owning periphery plots to erect compound wall in the plots in order to avoid encroachment. It was also noticed that one of the Members, by mistake, encroached the road by 1' by a compound wall. It is suggested that while erecting compound wall or other mode of identifications such as "L shape or T shape boundary marking", measurement of the area in the particular lane, starting from the road may be done in order to avoid wrong marking or compound wall.

(i) Identification stones were laid in all the plots who paid for it. However, requested Members to check and give feedback and, deficiency, if any, will be corrected.

(j) Two metallic sign boards with the lay-out drawing and plot numbers were installed in the Nagar to assist the Members to identify their plots without difficulty.

(k) Informed about the problems of encroachment in the PP plots in Phase II and the steps taken to resolve the issue.

(l) Patta to around 30 Members were arranged by the Association last year. For certain plots, patta could not be issued because of wrong entry in the computerized patta of the previous owners (fault of the Government). Some of the patta applications given to the Society are also said to be pending. Association will get the issue resolved.

(m) With the assistance of Amarprakash and Mahilam Enclave, the approach road was laid reasonably well, though one stretch could not be done because of is some dispute.

(n) Informed that one more person threatened who is said to be owning the land near the first bend of the approach road (near Amarprakash Site) that he would block the road (just after the shops) allegedly because he has not handed over the road for public purposes. This issue, if and when arises, will be suitably handled by the Association.

(o) Mr. Dayalan, Ex. Councilor, who operates drainage lorries, was instrumental for damaging our approach roads and he has been suitably warned.

(p) Requested Members to intimate the Association if they sell their land with the details of the purchaser so that the subscription could be continued in the name of the buyer.

(q) As a rapport building exercise, there were two get together with the Councilors of Kundrathur Panchayat last year.

(r) A few years back, we planted grown up trees and spent a few lakhs of rupees which went waste as all those plants were damaged by men as well as by cattle. A local socialist is prepared to arrange for even 5000 plants free of charge. However, on a trial basis, we are planning to plant 100 badam trees by the side of the approach road.

(s) Members were advised to periodically take computerized Encumbrance Certificate by using www.tnreginet.net

4. Treasurer read out the financial details of the Association.

5. Points highlighted by the financial details of the Association.

(a) Some Members suggested T shape identification stone to each plot and requested the Association to work out the cost and inform the Members. The President consulted a few Engineers. If four adjoining plot owners join together come forward for laying T, L and + shape brick construction of one feet depth, 2' length on either side with 9" brick construction, cement plastering, primer coating and painting with plot number, each plot owner may have to incur an expenditure of Rs.5000. It looks slightly expensive; but, this likely to be durable. If all the four plot owners do not join together, then, the rate may be slightly higher. This will be further discussed and communicated to Members.

(b) Some Members requested for arrangement of patta (President informed that if a minimum of 10 Members request for it, it will be coordinated by the Association. Members may give their names to the Secretary). One Member suggested to directly approach the VAO and Surveyor and also to utilize the Amma patta thittam which will be of assistance.

(c) One Member raised an apprehension that compound walls, if built, will get damaged to which the President said that only barbed wire fencing will get stolen and not the compound wall. To requests of a few Members, President replied that estimate (per running feet) for erecting quality compound wall will be worked out and communicated to Members. President consulted a few Engineers. According to them, with pile foundation for 7' depth, raft beam of 1' width, two' height brick work of 9" width and construction of 6' height compound wall thereon (total height will become 8') with brick wall of 4.5" will cost Rs.1800 per running feet (for a plot of 60'x40' dimension, the cost of compound wall works out to Rs.3.6 Lakhs). For hollow block construction, the rate works out to Rs.1,400 per running feet and the total cost of compound wall works out to Rs.2.8 Lakhs). This rate may vary from Engineer to Engineer. This will further be reviewed by the Association and a communication will be sent to the Members.

(d) One Member suggested employing a clerical person to administratively support the Secretary. It was agreed to consider this suggestion at the appropriate time.

(e) A Member suggested arrangement for tax collection during the AGM or collection of the amount by the Association and payment to the VAO. President replied that VAO cannot collect tax on holidays. Further, certain documents such as registered document and patta are to be produced to the VAO by the owners/representatives while making the first tax payment.

(f) Some of the Members wanted the Association to suggest a common builder. President informed that the taste of each owner for building vis-a-vis financial budget will differ. The President recommended that the Engineer MS. Jesu Selvam, who constructed the house with quality for Mr. Krishnamurthy, can be consulted by the Members in need. His mobile number is 9840415130.

(g) A few Members opined that drastic steps should be taken against non-members or Members who are subscribing to one plot as against holding ownership of more than one plots or defaulters in payment. President replied that seeing the good work of the Association and development of the Nagar, he was confident that all the plot owners will become Members and will clear the dues retrospectively.

(h) One Member suggested that the Membership rate can be hiked and linked to sq. ft. of ownership. President informed that it would become high and suggested that the present system may be continued.

(i) One Member suggested addition of facebook under e-communication which was unanimously approved. This inclusion was made in the respective resolution.

(j) A few members suggested that chemical-based weed control can be tried if it will be less-expensive. President shared his experience in this regard. The weeds can be controlled for a limited period; but, as the bush frows from the cow dung, it will be difficult to control. Further, to cover around 130 acres by chemical treatment, per treatment, it works out to approximately Rs.50,000 each time. Hence, clearing of thorny bushes as and when they grow will be ideal and works out to be cheaper.

(k) All those who were present appreciated the good work of the Association.

6. All the resolutions propsed in the notice dated 20-7-2015 were adopted unanimously. They are:

(a) RESOLVED THAT the audited Balance Sheet as of 31st March 2015 and the Receipts and Payment Account for the year ended on that date be and is hereby approved.

(b) RESOLVED THAT M/s. M.J.V. & Associates, Chartered Accountants be and is hereby appointed as Auditors for the financial year 2015-2017 and the Executive Committee be and is hereby authorized to fix the remuneration of the Auditors.

(c) RESOLVED THAT the purchase of plot no. 794 admeasuring 1163 sq. ft. in P.K.V. Mahanagar in the name of the Association be and is hereby ratified and approved.

(d) RESOLVED THAT the Executive Committee be authorized to arrange for erection of compound wall and construct a building for the Association on the plot purchased in P.K.V. Mahanagar by obtaining necessary approval from the local body be and is hereby approved.

(e) RESOLVED THAT Bye-law 20 (ii) be ammended to read as follows: "The notice shall be sent to the Members by any one or more of the following modes viz. by local delivery, post, by circulation, by courier or by e-communication such as e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, facebook, etc. amongst the members or by publication through press".

7. The services of M/s. M.S. Raju and Mrs. Raju were recognized by honoring each of them with shawl by the President.

8. Vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Raju, Secretary.

9. All the Members present and those who accompanied them for the AGM were provided with packed lunch and all were happy.

10. Arrangements were made for transportation of the Members to the lay-out and they were guided by the President to identify their plots.



Annual General Body Meeting 2014-15 will be held at 10.30 A.M. on 23rd August 2015 in Sengunthar Kalyana Mandapam, 43/19, Thulukkar Street, Kundrathur, Chennai-69.

Lunch will be provided at 12.00 Noon to all the participants of the Annual General Body meeting.

Transportation arrangements are made from the Kalyana Mandapam to P.K.V. Mahanagar from 12.30 p.m. to 1.30 p.m. and for return drop at Kundrathur Bus Stand up to 3.00 p.m.

Annual Report 2014-15

Click here to View/Download Annual Report 2014-15

Minutes of the Annual General Body Meeting 2013-14

Click hereto view Minutes of the Annual General Body Meeting 2013-14 held on 24th August 2014 at Kundrathur.

Executive Committee Meeting

The Executive Committee of the Association meets every second Sunday at the residence of the Secretary at “Flat No.11, Satish Apartment, No.58/322, Alagirisami Salai, K.K. Nagar, Chennai-78”. Members wishing to take up any issues concerning their own plots, common issues or wishes to make any suggestion for development of the Nagar may meet the Executive Committee Members with prior intimation to the Secretary on Landline: 42616790 or Mobile: 9629888875 or by e mail secretary@porur-kundrathur-mahanagar-association.org. Confirmation is essential as sometimes the Committee may meet at different place.


1. Mr. M.S. Raju, Secretary led the Members with “Prayer”.

2. Mr. D. Krishnamurthy, Vice-President welcomed the Office Bearers and the gathering. He also briefed about the house constructions under progress in the Nagar and thanked the Association for it’s support for the three-phase EB supply and made the approach road worthy for movement of construction materials and requested Association’s assistance for getting tar road. He appealed to the Members to come up with more constructions at the earliest so that the anvil of development can be witnessed.

3. Mr. A. Paul Dhas, President delivered his Presidential address. In his presidential address, he mentioned that:

(a) The net asset value of the Association as on 31st March 2014 stood at Rs.17.01 Lakhs;

(b) Membership as of 24th August 2014 was 877;

(c) Two house constructions, one each in Phase I and II, are almost at the stage of completion and requested more Members to come forward with house constructions;

(d) To a remark of a Member that if basic amenities such as road, water, shops, Schools and Hospitals are arranged, houses would come up automatically, the President replied that it is the other way round (i.e.) if more houses come up, facilities will come up automatically. He explained as to how Dr. D.C. Kothari Nagar in Ramapuram where he resides became highly developed from a baron land in 1984 with a value of Rs.17,500 per ground into a full-fledged model Nagar with a value of Rs.2 crores per ground.

(e) Association is persuading the Kundrathur Town Panchayat to pass a resolution that the Government shall build a bridge across the river to get connectivity to the service road of Tambaram-Maduravoyal Bye-pass road and hopeful of persuading the Government to execute the same.

(f) Sign boards of Corporation of Chennai standards were laid last year by naming the main approach road as P.K.V. Mahanagar Main Road with due approval from Kundrathur Town Panchayat and welcome message from the Association.

(g) Identification stones have been fixed in the plots of those Members who have paid for it.

(h) Signage identifications have been fixed for Phase I and II with Road Numbers and Street Numbers;

(i) Signage identifications have been painted in each road/street with road numbers, street numbers and plot numbers.

(j) Drawing for Phase I and II with road numbers/street numbers and plot numbers were supplied to the Members who were present for the Annual General Body Meeting;

(k) Thorny bushes were cleared from the roads and all plots in Phase I and II, which included the plots of non-Members too.

(l) Association is weighing the possibilities of buying plots for the Association at a concessional rate from the Society or Promoter or seeking the permission of the Kundrathur Town Panchayat to build Association’s Office in one of the parks in the Nagar.

(m) The SMS message of one of the Members in regard to utilization of building fund that “with the available fund with the Association, not even half a ground can be purchased and, hence, the available fund should be treated as subscription for 10 years”, the Members unanimously opposed the suggestion. Instead, Members having arrears and non-Members should be encouraged to make payment towards building fund.

(n) Highlighted the problems in the Nagar, namely

(i) problem created by a person in regard to the approach road near Phase I;

(ii) problem created by a person in the second main road in Survey No.540;

(iii) disturbance to a few plots adjoining Second Main Road in Phase I;

(iv) sale of plots in Phase II without ownership;

(v) sale of PP Plots in Phase II without plotting and road formation;

(vi) non-availability of park and community hall as per the approved lay-out.

(o) Office Bearers made a survey of the identification stones laid and found a few wrong fixing which will be rectified.

(p) Unhappiness over the dis-interest shown by the PP Plot owners of Phase II. By saying so, he said that plot owners having problems may form sub-groups, discuss among themselves and come up to the Association for help.

(q) To the suggestion of a Member that approach to Manikandan Nagar, though with an investment of nearly Rs.40 Lakhs, will boost up the market value of our plots and it can be met out of the contribution of Members for this specific purpose, President replied that though the response from Members for payment of subscription and development charges is not encouraging, we can still try. The President proposed two resolutions in this regard which were approved unanimously:

(i) Resolved to make an effort to buy the land in between Manikandan Nagar and P.K.V. Mahanagar and make a connecting road.

(ii) Resolved that each owner of plot P.K.V. Mahanagar would contribute Rs.5000 which can be used to buy the land for creating road connectivity.

President asked for volunteers to coordinate the collection of amount for this purpose. But, excepting that two of the Members were prepared to pay the amount immediately, no one volunteered to offer assistance for coordination in this regard.

4. President informed that the Annual General Body meeting was organized in this Mandapam in order to economize the expenditure and that vehicle was organized for facilitating Members to make a visit to the Nagar after the meeting, which was well appreciated.

5. Office Bearers were present in the Nagar and guided Members to identify their plots.

6. Mr. M.S. Raju, Secretary requested the Members as to who will join him in constructing house there in P.K.V. Mahanagar. Around 20 Members raised their hands.

7. Mr. K. Balamurugan, Joint Secretary suggested that the roads and streets of the Nagar may be named after by some one who is prepared to offer donation to the Association and such donation may be used for the purchase of the land for road connectivity to Manikandan Nagar. President replied that this suggestion needs elaborate deliberations within the Executive Committee before taking a decision.

8. One of the Members suggested that, without attaching any stigma to the contribution from the existing Office Bearers of the Association, it will be ideal if the Members who are building houses in the Nagar become President and Secretary. President replied that it was a welcome suggestion which can be considered.

9. A few Members spoke in appreciation of the work being done by the Office Bearers of the Association.

10. Mr. R. Balasubramanian, Treasurer read out the receipts and payment account and offered details of the expenditure.

11. The following resolutions which were circulated with the notice for Annual General Body Meeting 2013-14 dated 1st August 2014 were passed unanimously:

(a) RESOLVED that the audited Balance Sheet as of 31st March 2014 and the Receipts and Payments Account for the year ended on that date be and is hereby approved.

(b) RESOLVED that M/s. M.J.V. Associates, Chartered Accountants be and is hereby appointed as Auditors for the financial year 2014-15 and the Executive Committee be and is hereby authorized to fix the remuneration of the Auditors.

12. Mr. M.S. Raju, Secretary and Mrs. Raju were honoured for their excellent and committed work for the Association.

13. Mr. K. Balamurugan, Joint Secretary delivered vote of thanks. He thanked the President, Secretary, Vice-President, other Office Bearers, Administrators of the Kalyana Mandapam, the person who supplied tea, the Drivers who plied vehicles between Kalyana Mandapam and the plots, etc.